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Real Men Don’t Chase Pu$$y

Recently, I’ve been helping out a friend of mine complete her documentary. It started out with me soliciting advice and evolved to me becoming one of her interviewers.  From the experience, I’ve learned a lot about men and myself as well.

Any “real” man will tell you that he does not chase women or money, yet they let interest drive them towards accelerating the depth in which they delve into either.  If their overall desire for self gratification is received, the more time he spends dedicated to the pursuit of it. It is not a chase because chase implies the object fleeing; however, it is more to one savouring a dish.

I enjoy owning the thought that I deserve to be treated with reverence, protection, distinction and appreciation, much like you would your favorite dish.  I also delight in the knowing that in the same respect that a man pursues his career, with passion, excitement, commitment and responsibility, he is willing to apply the same to me. Because I have cultivated and evolved into a vurtious woman, is why I am aware that these attributes should be given to me by anyone wanting to be in my life.

Like a hustler on the street, with easy money coming fast and quick, I feel that is how people in today’s society treat intimate relationships. Because there may be an abundance of  relationships like this, could be why some people do not recognize or take advantage of opportunities that offer a more authentic and deeper exchange. However, I am not responsible for other people’s short sightedness.

I could indulge in my Leo nature and explore all the ways that I think I’m fabulous, but I’d rather allow a geniune connection evolve to reveal these things to my lover. This allows him to express his gratitude for having the opportunity to just be in my presence. And for this, without any reservations, I  acknowledge, nurture, love, honor and support his greatness. With such a beautiful interconnectedness, we create true growth and happiness out of the knowing that the present is a gift and tomorrow isn’t promised.

When we slow down, to a pace that matches our heart, we can then tap into our true selves. We tap into what we should value most in this illusion we have created called “lives.”  The over complication that we place on it is the barrier that stops us from enjoying its richness. So, my journey has led me to appreciate investments, expansion and profitability through time, growth and strategy.

Although I am not a prize to be won, meaning that I cannot be owned & possessed, that does not hinder one from trying to monopolize my heart.  However, one must be qualified and deserving of the coveted role.  As old fashion as my beliefs are, it takes a progressive man to conceive the wisdom behind it.

Catch it if you can! *giggle*

Upgrade U by Beyonce


2 comments on “Real Men Don’t Chase Pu$$y

  1. Kenya K Stevens
    March 7, 2012

    I think I caught it… xo

  2. Calvin Gerald
    March 7, 2012

    “Like a hustler on the street, with easy money coming fast and quick, I feel that is how people in today’s society people treat intimate relationships.” LOVE IT and this is very much how today’s society treat relationships…

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This entry was posted on March 6, 2012 by in exploration, gratitude, Life, observance, Progressive Love.

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